A Photographers Guide To Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Wedding planning is a lot of hard work! During this time you will probably have to make decisions on things you would previously never consider like matching carnations to corsages and maybe the biggest one of all, who do you choose to photograph your wedding? As these images will be looked back on and cherished for years to come you want to know your photograher is the right fit for you, your wedding and your personal style. To help start navigate the sea of tallented, camera weilding professionals out there we've sat down with our in house photographer Olivia to find out a good place to start. 


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What should be the first step for couples booking a wedding photographer?

The main thing to think about first is finding someone who you feel fits you and your fiancé’s style and personalities, and then do a tonne of research. Think about what you prefer when you see other wedding photographs - dark, moody and editorial arty shots your kind of thing? Traditional with classic posing and lots of lined up group shots? Or the more natural, photojournalistic style with lots of candid moments? Look into a few different photographers of each type and always ask to see a full gallery of their work before you get booking. 


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How much money should be set aside for wedding photography?  

There is no definitive answer to this as all couples have different budgets but between £700-£2000 is a realistic amount. Although wedding photographers can seem expensive at first glance it is important to remember that you are paying for a service like no other! Your photographs are the one physical thing that will last beyond the wedding day itself, something that you will look at all the time for years and years to come - plus all of the expertise, trust, time and knowledge that experienced photographers bring to each wedding. 



Do couples need to provide a shot list for their day? 

Most wedding photographers are pretty experienced and know what to shoot and what not to shoot, so there is no need to give us a step-by-step list of images - we have seen them all! That being said all weddings are different in some way so you can give a unique shot list if, for example, there is someone attending the wedding who you want lots of special photos of or there is a surprise happening on the day that can’t be missed. 



What is something photographers would like couples to know before the day? 

That there is no need to be worried or nervous about having your photo taken! If you can, get to know the photographer before the big day to build a good rapport with them (meeting for a coffee or on video call is perfect for this) and by the time the wedding is in full swing you will be having such a great time you won’t even notice or have time to think about being nervous for photos and your happiness will make the images shine. 



image credit: @tchizz.be

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