Keeping Your Maya Maids Happy

Some of us have dreamt about our wedding day since we were little and have our weddings planned out to the T, from the table decoration to the wedding dress. Others with no clear vision try on tens of dresses and still can’t decide. So why is it so important to find the right fit for the bridesmaids just as it is for yourself? Well when the bridesmaids are happy, everything will fall into place and they will make sure you will have the best time you could ever imagine.

But just like your wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses are sometimes just as stressful to pick out. From their body types, their own outlook on what the dresses should look like and of course you need to take into consideration your colour scheme and the location of the wedding. Here at Maya we know that not all bodies are the same, and not everyone is happy with how they look even though we are all gorgeous! So, here are few tips and tricks to keep everyone happy, and make the dress picking a relaxing and fun time, where you will grow closer to your best friends.

With soft tulle fabric creating the most romantic, flowy silhouettes, a shimmering bodice that adds glamour to your special day that no dress of ours can go without, you will be able to find those perfect dresses for your wedding day, matching the locations feel and aura if it’s at your local church, or at an extravagant Manor House.
So if you love a particular shade, but can’t decide on the style, we suggest you let your maids pick the silhouettes they love the most; may it be a slender halter neck, or a long sleeve maxi. With a wide range of dresses in our beloved shades such as Taupe Blush, Sage Green or Navy, you can pick an array of styles in one colour that look stunning on each one of your bridesmaids complementing their figures and enhancing their best features.
Or if you love one style/ silhouette but are unsure about the colour, our traditional bridesmaid dresses such as the Short Sleeve V Neck Maxi or Bardot Neck Maxi come in all our favourite shades, so you can pick the exact style you love, and mix and match the colours that compliment your maids complications.

If you are worried about not finding the right size for your teen or plus size bridesmaids, we cater to our petite and plus size customers too – you can find sizes ranging from 6 all the way to 26. All our traditional bridesmaid designs are available in all those sizes, so you can be sure to find all your dresses within few clicks.

If you’ve got a flower girl, we’ve got a matching dress for her too! In our most beloved shades, you will be able to find a dress that fits perfectly with your maids and will make her feel like one of the grown-ups!
So don’t hesitate, get your maids in one room and indulge in the whimsical world of Maya Deluxe.