New Rules - New Wedding Ideas

So here we are again, new rules, new restrictions, and an abundance of questions – why, what, and how the hell?  But worry not! We understand the frustrations you might have and not knowing where to start, our suggestion? Keep it simple and stay true to yourself.

If 2020 is your wedding year you have probably rescheduled or downsized your wedding at least once already or you are just about to and believe us it can be a very challenging task. Remember that you are the priority – not the grooms uncles’ cousin that somehow made it onto the guest list, so don’t worry about upsetting anyone they will understand your situation.

Talking to one of our friends who was planning on getting married in Las Vegas, they said the stress of rescheduling the flights,  hotels and the venue was too much so with a heavy heart they cancelled their dream wedding. Instead they have booked a weekend away in Llandudno with their parents, a small intimate ceremony with a pub lunch by the sea– it was the best decision they ever made.

So, if you originally planned a wedding abroad remember that England is an island after all, and you’re never too far away from a lovely beach. All around the country you can find beautiful towns that offer outdoor ceremonies with unbelievable views, just like Sandy Cove Hotel in Devon. The ceremony can take place overlooking the sea and hills of Exmoor. And in case it rains you can enjoy the magical backdrop indoors.

credit: Sandy Cove Hotel

Whereas in the North, more specifically on the West Coast of Scotland, Crear House offers a spectacular mini holiday that includes your special day. They offer catering, wedding cakes, flowers and even a photographer so you can organise all the essentials under one roof.
These are some of the things that can make your wedding a little less stressful and a lot easier if you need to reschedule if new rules come in place again.  

credit : Crear Weddings

These are perfect times to get creative if you’ve got a lovely venue but you’re afraid you might get lost in it with only a handful of guests. If you have a little extra money leftover from downsizing you can use it to decorate the venue making it cosier, may that be with a couple of big plants or floral decorations, or creating a fun backdrop you can take photos in front of. Depending on your venue you can also drape flowy fabrics or lanterns from the ceiling. If you’re unsure you can always give your venue a call and discuss the options, they might surprise you with few ideas of their own.

credit: Pinterest

If you are choosing a different location with a much smaller venue and have some of your budget left over there are a few things you can spend it on to make your day extra special.
One thing we would suggest using the money on is a photographer. A photographer is probably more important than the wedding cake; they can capture every moment during your ceremony and reception creating memories for life, so we suggest that you look for someone who can work within your environment, someone who will channel your ‘vibe’, and produce their best piece of work. You won’t regret spending a little longer going through Instagram accounts and narrowing down what kind of photographs you’re really looking for.

You can also splash out on wedding favours with personalised items catered to every person.

So even with the new restriction you can still make the most of your wedding as there are plenty of options. If you're set on your venue give them a call and see how you can adjust it to suit a smaller guest list. Or if you are able to change locations and other essentials sit down and really think about what the priorities are and where you can save few pounds and where to add a little more.

Organise your wedding day to suit your needs first and foremost, so that you wont look back on it with sadnes over the everchaning lockdown rules, but with pure joy and happiness. 


Main image credit: Anna Pumer Photography


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