9 Wedding Trends for 2024

Here's are our Wedding Trends Report


Retro Wedding Style

Bright colours inspired by the 1960’s and 70’s and hairstyles from the same era are BIG this year. With inspiration from the golden age of Hollywood from streaming channels such as Netflix and retro films such as Elvis by Baz Luhrmann and other films and TV series'.


Film Photography and documentary style photography

Running with the retro theme film photography for weddings is making a comeback with couples opting for less posed shots and a more candid, documentary style of photography.


With celebrities like Sofia Richie, Kourtney Kardashian and Olivia Attwood wearing dramatic veils for their special day it’s no wonder brides-to-be are taking inspiration from their floor-sweeping veils to wear something similar for their special day. In particular personalised veils add that extra special touch!

Thoughtful Gifts

As the cost of living crisis continues many guests are opting for thoughtful gifts that the happy couple can treasure rather than giving gifts of money or expensive gifts chosen from a catalogue.

Bright colours and themed weddings

Think textures, patterns and movement and bursts of bright colours in the bridesmaid dresses, florals and wedding venue décor.

Alternative Wedding Venues and décor

Unconventional wedding venues are becoming popular as more and more couples are looking for something a bit different to add their own creativity and decorations to, to make their wedding day even more memorable. Sustainable Weddings More than ever couples are becoming increasingly mindful of their environmental footprint. From bio-degradable décor to local sourced and organic catering options, green weddings are here to stay.

Wedding Weekenders

Why celebrate your wedding on just one day when you can carry on the celebrations for an entire weekend? Couples are looking for wedding venues that can host rehearsal dinners, brunches and more so that their wedding venue feels like home for their weekend of celebrations.

More intimate weddings

The trend of smaller, more intimate weddings continues to grow. Couples are focusing on quality over quantity, opting for smaller guest lists to create a more personal and meaningful experience. This also allows for more budget allocation towards unique experiences and luxurious details.

Whether you’re following none, one or more of the wedding trends for 2024 we’re sure you’ll have a magical day however you choose to design and create your wedding!