Covid Friendly Hen Party

Depending on your budget and where you are in the world, there are plenty of things to do at a Hen do! Though with current Covid-19 shenanigans, you might think you need to postpone your hen party, but fear not! Here are few ideas you might like to keep your spirits up and throw the best Hen Party your best friend deserves.

With lockdown easing off throughout the country, and to get the last of our hot summer, a garden party would be ideal if you’re on a budget, or you can hire a villa through AirBnb or specific Hen Party locations if you’re willing to spend a little more. You will be able to have all the guests with plenty of room for social distancing, and enough space to entertain with lots of fun activities throughout the day.

We love hands on parties where you can make beautiful things and bond with your friends, all while creating beautiful memories. For Boho inspired weddings you can throw a Flower Crown workshop where you can make stunning pieces ready to show off at the wedding. These can be totally DIY with a small walk through the fields where you all pick your favourite wildflowers and follow a YouTube tutorial, or hire a local florist that will have everything ready to go.
Other similar activities you can try out are memory/ scrap books where you can choose to create little booklets with friendship memories between the guests and the bride, or a big one where you all work together to create a relationship timeline of the husband and wife to be!

A bottomless brunch inspired party also works a treat! Each guest can bring a bottle of their favourite bubbly - there will be more than enough for everyone to get merry.  To add a lovely twist a ‘Pimp my Prosecco’ station is right on trend where you can have pretty bowls of fresh or frozen fruit as well as garnishes such as orange peels, rosemary, lavender or even flower petals; juices and purees for those fancy mimosas, or to add a little sparkle with a new craze of shimmering syrups and powders. You can also hire a professional bartender that will arrive with all the ingredients and equipment to show you exactly how to make your favourite drinks, though these usually last around two hours.
Make sure you are aware of any food allergies before the party begins. 

 A photobooth is always fun as you can dress up in silly outfits and hen party themed accessories, so that in years in time you will look back on and burst out laughing at all the silly faces and accessories combos. Though these can be a little costly if you want to hire, but it is super easy to create your own little ‘booth’ with a table full of cut out accessories you can find on Etsy, feather boas and blow up frames.

Everyone’s favourite... KARAOKE. Don’t tell me you don’t sing your heart out when your favourite song comes on while you’re in your car or at your local bar! There’s plenty of ways to enjoy a sing-along, you can stick YouTube on with subtitles – they even have karaoke versions of all your favourite songs or hire a karaoke machine with built in mics so you can really show off your singing skills.

For more adventurous groups, there are alternative activities that even some stag dos don’t dare to book! Go-karting and Go Ape are perfect for adrenaline junkies, and even with new rules and guidelines you will be able to make the most of it as you can count on them not being busy or crowded. So book in advance and make sure to watch their videos of how to stay safe during your visit.  

But if you’re really feeling unsure about throwing a party or going out, you can always rely on a good old video call, you can choose a platform that all the guests are happy to use, may it be Facebook, Skype or Zoom. A wedding themed quiz will break the ice and make everyone laugh, and you can keep the ‘party’ going with lots of drinking games and story times.