Top 5 Wedding Trends of 2022


A new year means new trends in the wedding world, 2022 is in full swing and there are so many predicted trends to breathe new life into this exciting industry. You’re going to see nature-inspired colourways, Bridgerton-esque themes and vintage-style rings to name but a few. Our bestselling Maya Deluxe Green Lily, Desert Rose and Dusty Blue Icons are just a few colours ticking all the boxes for forecasted trends this year. 


Earthy, Nature-Inspired Palettes 

Gone are the statement jewel tones of yesteryear, for 2022, trend forcasters are predicting lots of natural tones throughout wedding aesthetics, including a nod to earthy textures and fabric. Brides will be embracing a spectrum of natural tones, nude palettes boasting off whites, pinks and caramel all the way through to bold Rust, amber and copper tones. This stream of nature can be seen with terracotta pots on table settings, flowing linen features and candles to set the lighting. This is an effortless way to keep the colourway chic and seasonal and introduce elements to reflect your personality as a couple. 


Two-piece Wedding Outfits 

The industry has seen a huge rise in the number of searches for two-piece wedding dresses – brides are inspired by trendy separates and the flexibility of having outfits with options to alter through the day. Designed include overskirts, trousers, shorts, crop jackets which provide versatility for formal duties and then partying the night away! Many two-pieces also boast stylish pockets - which we all know and love! This reinvention of tradition means that outfits can be re-worn for future occasions makes them sustainable with added value for money. Research suggests that those opting for two-piece designs are leaning into modern minimal styling for their big day and are thinking of eloping – the ease of not hauling a huge tulle dress abroad must be a relief for some! 

E&W Couture 


Garden Escapism 

Gone are the days of booking large, ornate wedding venues. In 2022, couples are bringing it home, quite literally to tie the knot. Back-garden wedding ceremonies, also known as inside-out weddings as they flow from inside the house into the garden are becoming popular due to low expense. These set-ups also offer a DIY vibe which allows for customisation and the chance to create a whimsical, romantic experience. Independent artists are key in this movement, platform Etsy has seen a huge increase in searches for outdoor wedding décor including welcome boards, sustainable confetti, and neon signs. As much as we love an English Country Garden, we are at times against the elements at time in the UK but there are lots of ways around this to make you garden fantasy wedding come true. 


Vintage-Inspired Rings 

A sentimental part of the wedding ceremony is having a renaissance, with couples opting for vintage inspired jewellery. These are custom designs from modern jewellers which have that heirloom feeling. It's never been easier to emulate the look of different time periods to get that retro feel without the huge price tag. Think about what gemstones speak to you and how they can tie in with the day for flow. It’s romantic, quirky and with custom options available you can bless your ceremony with personalised sparkly touches. 



Upcycled Outerwear 

One key trend for the coming year is upcycled outerwear, which goes hand-in-hand with the reinvention of bridal attire, with the conscience of shopping sustainably and keeping costs down. For 2022, forecasters predict that couples will be trawling the likes of flea markets, charity shops and auction sites to grab statement jackets and accessories to add the edge and synchronicity to their wedding ensembles. Coats and jackets are not just for winter, think luxe faux fur, embroidered denim, leather with embellishments or tassels. The sky is the limit when it comes to outerwear for the main event.